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Introducing EcoTough™ PLA 3D Filament - Naturally Safe, Naturally Strong!

We've raised the bar Canada... meet the new standard:

EcoTough PLA Filament 3D Printing Canada

Since 2014 the house brand PLA has been the best selling PLA in Canada. Why? Because when it came to quality vs price, the value of our standard PLA could simply not be beat. Until now... Our new standard PLA (Now called "EcoTough PLA") has been improved in virtually all aspects, including the price! 

What is EcoTough PLA?

The EcoTough PLA 3D printing filament is a new breed...

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Introducing TRUE FOOD SAFE PLA 3D Printer Filament

food safe is introducing a new food-safe line of 3D printing filament.

3D printing has proven popular for creating unique designs for cookie cutters and cake toppers, bringing personality to baking, as well as for more utilitarian tasks such as customized kitchen tools for restaurants, bakeries, and home cooks alike. Special care must be taken, though, for any 3D printing projects that will have contact with food, as both material and 3D printing process must be geared toward these applications. Contamination of material or finished product is a big concern -- and a new line of food-safe filament was created with these concerns in mind.

Starting with PLA before expanding to other materials including PETG,’s new material line is set to bring the benefits of 3D printing into a wider variety of delectable applications.

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EconoFil™ REFILL COILS - Now Available

econofil masterspool refill

Save on EconoFil Refill Coil Master Spool 3D Printer Filament Canada

With the rapid growth of 3D printing across all industries, there is a massive amount of waste being generated in the industry. is proud to be the first 3D materials supplier in Canada to offer the new and innovative REFILL filament system!

With our REFILL filament system, filament is produced as a coil WITHOUT a spool and is designed to be fitted on a REUSABLE master spool. A master spool...

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EconoFil™ by - Affordable 3D Filament Refill

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Introducing our new economy line of 3D filaments: EconoFil™


EconoFil 3D Printer Filaments Canada

The EconoFil™ series of 3D filaments is truly a unique endeavor; Having accessible, high quality and affordable filament makes it easier for more people to enter into the amazing world of 3D printing. From the start,'s vision has been to bring Canadians unique and popular 3D printing consumables without breaking the bank. EconoFil™ is a testament that even after years in business, this commitment is still very much part of our core values. Seeing the immense popularity recently in budget friendly 3D printing consumables, we're staying true to our vision...

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