KODAK Nylon 12 3D Printer Filament

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KODAK 3D Printing Filament Nylon 12

Polyamide 12

Ideal material for durable parts, Nylon 12 is the best choice for printing high-stress working mechanisms. It is less hygroscopic than Nylon 6 and extremely stable both thermically and chemically. It shows excellent physical properties, such as flexibility in thin walls and superior resistance.

Do not use in direct contact with food.

Genuine KODAK Nylon 12 3D Printing filament is made from top quality Nylon PA 12 resin.


  • Extremely tough with superior tensile strength, elongation at break & impact strength, high fatigue endurance and low friction coefficient.
  • Very low moisture absorption before and after printing.
  • Superior chemical and UV resistance.
  • High heat resistance (over 120°C).
  • Very low warping.

Main applications:

  • Ultra high-resistance functional parts.

Filament net weight:

  • 750gr

All our Genuine KODAK 3D filaments come spooled on reels that are designed to fit perfectly inside the KODAK 3D Printer hermetically closed cases, for continuous moisture free & dirt free 3D printing!

Recommended printer settings

Print temperature:  225°C +/- 5°C.
Print bed temperature: 115°C.
Fans:  on.
Closed environment: not required.



Diameter tolerance

Roundness accuracy

Moisture content

1.75 mm

+/- 0.02 mm


< 0.02%

2.85 mm

+/- 0.03 mm

Physical properties



Test method


1.03 g/cm3

ISO 1183/B

Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) (220ᵒC/10kg)

38 g/10 min

ISO 1133

Kodak 3D Printing Filaments Canada

Kodak 3D Printer Filaments Canada

KODAK 3D Printing Filaments Canada

So what makes KODAK 3d Filaments so unique?

  • Low moisture for high performance:
    Unique industry-first, thoroughly controlled low moisture manufacturing process, that protects your material from raw pellet to packaging at a molecular level; Non brittle filament, smooth extrusion, consistent melting & great quality finish!
  • Longer shelf life for worry free stock: Directly following manufacturing, each spool is vacuum packed in an resealable aluminum bag with a desiccant pack. Our unique aluminum packaging maintains a near perfect seal that guaranteed your material will remain at a factory low moisture level for up to 2 years!
  • Original materials to suit every application:
    We buy each of our polymer materials from the top suppliers in each segment to ensure optimal performance in your projects.
  • Print accuracy and surface smoothness:
    The highest roundness (99%) and diameter accuracy (+/- 0.02 mm) in the industry! Essential for a seamless feed and a repeatable, reliable performance on any 3D printer.
  • Rich colors for consistently beautiful 3D prints:
    Each spool of filament is manufactured to strict Pantone color codes and labelled.
  • Tangle free spools for reliable long prints:
    Our filaments are automatically, continuously and neatly spooled to ensure tangle free & hassle free operation every time!

Kodak 3D Printing Canada

Filaments.ca is proud to have been named the master distributor for Canada by KODAK 3D Printing. This partnership brings a new level of high quality 3D printing materials and printers to our existing line of products. KODAK 3D Printing Filaments are our true premium line of 3D printing consumable materials!