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KODAK 3D Printer Canada


KODAK Portrait 3D Printer
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KODAK Portrait 3D Printer 
The new standard for professional 3D printing!

Built for productivity

The KODAK Portrait 3D Printer is a reliable manufacturing system, capable of producing end-use parts in a wide variety of materials. Its solid steel structure, quality components and careful design result in a high uptime with low maintenance costs.

KODAK Portrait 3D Printer is rigidly built using steel sheets, precision laser cut. Thick guide rods and industrial bearing blocks move the print carriage smoothly and precisely, even at high speeds and accelerations. All electrical components are hidden inside the printer but easily accessible for servicing under a single removable panel. Z-movement is done via a ballscrew that will neither wear out while doing the constant bed-leveling movement and nor bend under the weight of the rigid print platform.

Performance at its peak

Our dual extruder solution permits printing more complex objects with a better surface finish. Achieve high speed without sacrificing print accuracy.

The Portrait has dual extruders with dual nozzles, and incorporates some key features that are needed for this configuration to work effectively, which is why other printers do not generally offer dual printing. It has a nozzle-wiping mechanism to avoid color contamination. An end-of-filament sensor helps ensure that long prints are not ruined if either material runs out, and provide a unique feature to this printer: the ability to use the same material in both extruders and to have one continue printing when the material runs out on the primary extruder. This will let the user effectively finish using a partially-consumed spool of filament, knowing the print will still continue when it runs out. For making large, dense, long-printing objects, this is a critical capability.

KODAK 3D Printing Ecosystem

Although open to using third-party filament, Portrait Printer’s cartridges and enclosed chamber prevent KODAK 3D Printing Filament from absorbing humidity or dust, while enabling our sensors and software to fully control the printing process.

To preserve filament quality and to help ensure repeatable results, KODAK 3D Printing Filaments fit inside the supplied airtight protection cartridges, which have humidity desiccants. The filament is removed from the special airtight foil packaging and placed in these cartridges, which connect to the extruders, forming a system where the filament is never exposed to the ambient humidity or dust. This preserves the filament qualities, and in particular facilitates printing with hygroscopic filaments like PVA or nylon polyamides.

A perfect fit for the classroom, office or industrial environment

Safe and transparent, the Portrait Printer’s built-in camera, multi-language touchscreen and full connectivity gives you remote supervision of your device and of user activity.

Its print volume of 200x200x250mm is perfect for making the vast majority of conceptual models and functional parts, yet it still fits comfortably on a desk and can be transported by a person or two. The external paneling provides great visibility into the printer. Through its 5’’ color touch screen, users can log in and gain immediate access to their email, file-sharing services or social media. The built-in camera enables remote monitoring of the printing process.

Fully-enclosed chamber

Controls the printing environment and reduces warping when printing large objects.


Air filtration system eliminates odors and microscopic particles. A secondary thermistor prevents the hotends from overheating.


Wi-Fi, USB pen drive and a great integration with email, file sharing services and social networks.

Color light signals

Interior color lighting indicates the printer’s state and any need of user intervention, even at a distance.


Online resources, troubleshooting guides, replacement parts and knowledgeable technical assistance.


  • Build volume: 200 x 200 x 250 mm / 8" x 8" x 10"
  • Dual E3D Titan extruders with tilting nozzles, available in different sizes and materials with quick exchange mechanism
  • Fully enclosed with temperature monitoring
  • End-of-filament sensor with optional continuation from the second extruder
  • Premium Capricorn tubes
  • Air filtration system with HEPA and active charcoal filtering
  • Auto calibration
  • Auto leveling
  • Built-in Camera
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity, USB pendrive, multi-user features and integration with email, file sharing services and social networks
  • Cloud management for multiple printer, files and users
  • Multi-language 5" Color touch screen
  • Easily swappable hotends
  • Magnetically attached print surfaces
  • Nozzle wiper
  • Color LEDs, indicate printer status
  • Open to third party filament, with 2 hermetically closed cases for KODAK 3D Printing Filament
  • 1 Year Warranty

Kodak 3D Printer Canada

Kodak Portrait 3D Printer Canada

KODAK Portrait 3D Printer Canada

KODAK Portrait 3D Printer Canada

KODAK Portrait 3D Printer Canada

KODAK Portrait 3D Printer Canada

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